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10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Physician Assistant

1. You get to help people every day, and get paid to do it:

Honestly I could stop here. Every day I wake up to go to work I look foreward to the work I am priveledged to do. What an amazing experience!

2.  You get to do really cool procedures:

If you have dreamed of closing a narly flesh wound with 4.0 Vicryl suture, this job is for you.

3.  As a PA your brain is a valuable asset:

The key to a rewarding job is challenge. Not a day goes by where I don't have an opportunity to use my creative juices to solve somebody's unique problem. It doesn't have to be a cure for AIDS, just providing a unique treatment for your patients hemorrhoids can have a remarkable effect on a persons life.

4.  You get to wear a stethoscope:

The first day I got to place that iconic, beautiful Littman Cardiology III stethoscope around my neck, it was... Perfect!

5.  You can write prescriptions:

This is something I take for granted after 8 years. Yes, your family may hit you up for a refill of their Lasix from time to time but nothing beats the ability to solve a problem with a swipe of your pen. It is just plain cool and the first time you do it, you will be in shock that it actually worked.

6. You can wear a white coat:

I choose not to but most PA's I know love their big white lab jackets, and you even get your name on it!

7. You will make your mom proud:

My mom still tells her friends that her son is a PA. It makes me proud that she is proud of me, and that all those years of breastfeeding actually paid off.

8. People ask you really strange questions:

I can't tell you all the bizarre questions I have received since graduating from PA school. It is just one of the reasons I recommend "why do men have nipples" as one of my required reading books after graduation. Trust me, the first time I volunteered to asist with the Q&A at the junior high sex education session, I was glad I had that in my arsenal.

9. You get to use very big words:

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy... I prove my point!

10. You will be an integral part of the solution to America's growing healthcare crisis:

It is my belief that Physician Assistants are the key to providing cost effective quality care to America's growing population of sick and underinsurred. With the outrageous cost of healthcare and growing wait times to see Doctors, PA's provide the perfect solution. Your patients will agree and this will be evident when you see your fully booked schedule growing with happy patients who are starting to make appointments with their PA's often despite an opening with the clinics Doctors.

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