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Below is a list of resources that I will be adding to over time. If you would like me to list your site or you know of a resource that you would like to share with others please drop me a line so that I may add it to the list.

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Whether you a perfecting your PA school application essay, finalizing your resume or preparing for your PANCE or PANRE board exam, these are some of the most popular resources on the site.

Physician Assistant Personal Statement Editing and Review Service Physician Assistant Resume and CV Downloads Sample Templates Free PANCE and PANRE Online Practice Exams

The PA Life - Physician Assistant School Finder - Program Directory and eBook

PASCHOOLFINDER-POSTThe Physician Assistant School and Program Directory is a FREE, comprehensive and interactive guide for prospective PA school applicants, used to find information about every available PA program all in one place.

This directory uses location specific, categorical search and is updated for accuracy every 6 months. You can search by program length, tuitiondegree typeGRE requirementsperquisite healthcare experienceGPACASPA participationclass size and much much more.

New! Download the PA Program Directory eBook.

The Physician Assistant School and Program Directory eBook is designed to compliment the PA Schoolfinder website and is a complete list of all accredited Physician Assistant Programs in the United States.

PANCE and PANRE Exam Preparation:

Helpful Articles:

The PANCE and PANRE Exam Academy

PANCE AND PANRE ACADEMY EXAM 2 EKG 350PI am so excited about my new PANCE and PANRE Exam Academy - Offering an unprecedented amount of online review materials for a great price:

  • Instant access to Five Comprehensive 250 Question PANCE and PANRE Practice Exams which mirror what you will see on exam day.
  • Ten topic specific exams covering Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Muculoskeletal, OBGYN, Psychiatry, Neurology, Dermatology, Hematology & Infectious Disease and Endocrinology.
  • Five exams built from the amazing PANCE and PANRE email series.
  • Two more 250 question PANCE and PANRE Practice Exams that mirror the real thing.
  • A 5 Hour "Virtual PANCE" and 4 Hour "Virtual PANRE" Practice Exam!
  • Over 3,000 online flashcards via Quizlet
  • Four sixty question Advanced Practice Exams with Interactive Video, Photos, Links to Outside Resources and more!
  • Along with a ton of other FREE resources

The Academy is an amazing value and if you are studying for your PANCE or PANRE the exams alone will prove invaluable. 

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FREE PANCE and PANRE Board Review in Your Inbox

Get 60 days of FREE PANCE and PANRE Board Review Questions & Answers delivered daily directly to your inbox. It is a great and fun way to learn.

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Free PANCE and PANRE Practice Exams

This is a complimentary set of 300 Interactive PANCE and PANRE Board Review questions. This is a wonderful way to test your knowledge, and best of all it's totally FREE!

  • PANCE and PANRE Exam 3 (150 Questions With interactive Answers and Hints)
  • PANCE and PANRE Exam 1 (150 Questions "Legacy" Flash Based Exam)
  • Practice Exams 1-5 + Legacy Exam 2 + Topic Specific Exams + Audio Board Review (Academy Members Only)

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The Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast

THE-AUDIO-PANCE-AND-PANRE 300x300The Audio PANCE and PANRE is an audio board review series that includes 10 Multiple Choice PANCE and PANRE Board Review Questions in each episode.

  • You can download and listen to past FREE episodes here, on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.
  • You can listen to the latest episode, download the transcript and take an interactive quizzes by viewing the podcast specific post. You can see these here.

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The Daily Eponym

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An invaluable daily email series with a short description of the most common medical eponyms. Impress your preceptors with your vast abundance of medical knowledge 🙂


The Physician Assistant Essay Collaborative and Review Service

This is a one of a kind, completely personalized review and editing service, formed by a team of professional writers.

The Personal Statement Review Service is :

  • Behind closed doors within a private secure network using Google Drive.
  • Completely interactive meaning we will be able to provide real-time comments and corrections using the Google Drive interface.
  • We will provide feedback, advice and help with brainstorming and topic creation.
  • We will offer unlimited revisions and help you make edits.
  • We will do a “final touch up” before the big day, to make sure your essay is 100% free of unacceptable grammatical errors.

Our goal is not quantity, but quality. We want only serious applicants, who are serious about getting into PA school. 

You can read more about the service and submit your essay by clicking the button below:

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Clickable map of all 56 AAPA State Constituent Chapters

Map-of-State-Constituent-Chapters-of-the-AAPAAs part of the PA School application process, I urge all applicants to join both the AAPA and their local state constituent chapter of the AAPA.

To make the research process a bit easier, I have created a clickable map of all 56 AAPA State Constituent Chapters including direct links to their websites.

AAPA Constituent Chapters

PAFLIX: Physician Assistant Video on Demand

PAFLIX Physician Assistant Video on DemandPAFLIX” is my attempt to bring all the newest and most amazing Physician Assistant video resources together under one roof: Covering everything from PA pecialty practice, useful advice on the PA school admissions process, student resources as well as PANCE and PANRE pearls and test prep.

The goal is to help you learn more about the PA profession, specialty practice, and student life. You will discover new video content specific to test prep for both the boards as well as post rotational exams and study tips. You will also have the chance to meet some many of the amazing PAs out there working hard and doing spectacular work.


Physician Assistant Exam Review Podcast

Brian Wallace PA-C runs a website and podcast that focuses on topics covered on the PANCE and PANRE.  Check out his site, the podcast is great as well!

Study Guides

  • From  a PA Tumbler blog with a hidden gem of great study guides (look at the links in the sidebar). I have compiled his study guides into my own dropbox folder to simplify the process. It includes things such as this simple yet brilliant Orthopedic Cheat Sheet.

Free 5 Minute Clinical Consult and Epocrates Online Premium

  • Pfizer for Professionals: As much as I hate to give my email address to the pharmaceutical companies this one may be worth it. When you create a user login you get free access to several amazing resources and even an iPhone app that allows you to access these amazing resources on the go. And yes, it really is free!

Free Patient Health Handouts

Physician Assistant Job Search

  • AAPA PA Job Link: Probably the gold standard next to your local PA Association web site.
  • PA Gigs:  Post and find your PA job online.
  • Craigslist: Still one of the best places to find a Physician Assistant job.

Physician Assistant Shadow

  • PA Shadow Online:  Find a PA to shadow, or become a PA to shadow. This is such a great idea!

Web Resources


  • The Turkey Book: The University of Washington's chapter of the national honor medical society Alpha Omega Alpha, founded in 1902, and the online home of the Turkey Book, a home-grown introductory manual to the wards for medical students. This thing rocks!
  • A digital library of authoritative medical education information for the medical student and all students of medicine!
  • Free Clinical Cases and Images: After a few weeks of clinical practice, medical students and residents realize that patients are often different from the classic disease descriptions in the textbooks. One experienced physician summarized this by saying: "his asthma did not read the book." How to bridge this gap between theory and practice? Our answer was to create this free case-based curriculum of clinical medicine.


  • Patients Like Me:  An amazing idea: Bring patients together and let them document their symptoms and what helped. This is set to revolutionize the way we do healthcare!
  • The Stanford 25: Demonstrate one or more of the 25 technique dependent physical diagnosis maneuvers, then have the residents perform, demonstrate, perfect and show us how they teach. This is a cool site!
  • RxAssist: A wonderful resource for free and discounted medications for patients. Search by medicine to find discounted pharmacy's. This tool is priceless!

Free Medical Spell Checker for MS Word

  • Free Medical Spell Checker For Microsoft Word, Custom Dictionary: You will be typing a lot of medical papers in your lifetime. This free custom dictionary by civil engineer and medical transcriptionist "Raj" is wonderful. Just follow the instruction on the page, it is easy to install.
  • I also use Grammarly, which offers a feature-rich set of spell-check and proofreading options in their free web app.  They also have a MS Word plugin that will take your spellcheck to the next level.

Physician Assistant Blogs/Forums

Global Health Resources for PA's

Safety and Security Abroad

Helping People Resources

  • Feed America: Yes many people in America are without food. This site will be an eye opener.

My Notes and Stuff

Online Textbooks

  • Dermatology Atlas -  is an online source of over 23,000 images of skin disease bought to you by Loyola University.
  • ECG Library is an online collection of realistic-looking recordings that can help clinicians improve their ECG skills. It contains detailed information about how to recognize and interpret abnormal ECG findings.
  • Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopedics is the largest, most comprehensive online medical textbook on orthopedics with 11,000 pages of text and over 5,000 images.

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